Welcome to the Questionably Canadian Podcast. A podcast where we discuss questions about current events, life, Canada and anything in between. We are a couple of loonies from the University of Waterloo.

A little bit about us….

[Host] Justin is currently attending University for Actuarial Science and Statistics. He is the Quebec representative of the podcast. He has a passion for math and numbers, and also likes to make spreadsheets and working with data. In his free time Justin plays many sports ranging from hockey to volleyball to golf.

[Co-Host] Dan is currently attending University for Computer Science. He is the small town representative of the podcast. He has always had an interest in sports, mathematics, and computers, specifically video games. As a result, he hopes one day he can combine his passions for sports and computers in his career.

[Moderator] Alex is studying psychology and business and brings the perspective of an arts student to the podcast. As the moderator, Alex asks the questions for each podcast and tries to keep the host under control. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with friends and badgering them with questions.

[Winnipeg correspondent] Colin is studying Computer Science with a minor in Statistics.